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When is the event?
July 1st - 5th, 2015

Where will the World Championship be held?
All Festival events, including the World Championship, will take place in Denmark, in the Greater Copenhagen area. The exact venues and the stadium announcement will be included in the upcoming press release but all event venues will be within 20 km from the Copenhagen City Center.

What is the program for the World Championship?

The following is a preliminary program and subject to change.

July 1st
  |  Opening Ceremony

July 2nd
  |  Concert competitions

July 3rd
  |  Concert competitions
  |  Show / tattoo competition prelims
  |  Parade competitions, including street and march parades

July 4th
  |  Show / tattoo competitions prelims
  |  Parade competitions, including street and march parades

July 5th
  |  Show / tattoo competition finals
  |  Closing Ceremony

Additional Festival highlights:
  • 'Open Stage' Showcase of Talent Festival events, including all types of Performing Arts, such as music, singing, dancing, theater, comedy, pantomime and much more! 
  • Demonstrations & Clinics 
  • Social events, including a participant party on Saturday night, July 4th.

When should we plan to arrive and depart?
The opening ceremony will be in the evening on Wednesday July 1st, with the closing ceremony projected to be in the late afternoon / early evening on Sunday, July 5th.

With that said, we recommend that participating bands plan on arriving on Tuesday, June 3oth, or during the day on Wednesday, July 1st, and departing on Monday,  July 6th.

What if we cannot stay for the entire event?
Naturally, we hope that all participating bands will be present for the entire event, but should school schedules or other conflicts necessitate a late arrival or early departure, we will do our best to schedule your band's performances accordingly to ensure that your experience is worthwhile.

Will it be possible to extend our stay?
If you are interested in extending your stay beyond the event to experience all that Denmark and Copenhagen have to offer, our event team will be more than happy to work with you to accommodate any special requests.

Who's the local host or organization in Denmark?
The local Danish host is TAOPA - The Academy of Performing Arts, the official education and even platform of LGF - The Danish Association of Marching Show Bands.

When will registration open?
Shortly after the press release an e-mail communication will be sent out, announcing and outlining the registration process.

Will there be a band registration fee?
Yes, each participating band will be required to pay a registration fee of EUR 380 to participate and compete at the 2015 World Championship.

What is included in the band registration fee?
  • The opportunity to perform and compete at superb event facilities
  • Evaluation from an international professional judging panel with recorded feedback on your performance(s)
  • A participation award for your band
  • An event keepsake for each perfoming band member
  • A predetermined # of executive VIP access passes
  • A predetermined # of staff access passes
  • Complimentary general admission for bus drivers
  • Free general admission to all World Championship competitions for all band members, including the World Championship Finals
  • An assigned local guide to all participating international bands

Will the local host arrange accommodations and meals for my band and support staff?
Yes, our event team will organize accommodation and meal packages for participating bands.

What is the projected cost per participant for accommodations and meals that will be offered?
The cost per participant for the basic package will not exceed EUR 35 per participant per day, and we are working diligently with local partners and sponsors to reduce this fee as much as possible.

What's included in the daily cost per participant for the basic package?
  • Group accommodations in a local school setting
  • Three meals per day
  • Gala participant party with live entertainment

Is it possible to upgrade our accommodations?
Yes . It will be possible to upgrade your band's accommodations to  a hostel and/or hotel, for an additional fee. Information on how to upgrade will be integrated into the registration process.

Should we bring our own sleeping gear?
Yes, participants staying in a school setting should plan to bring their own sleeping gear, i.e. foam mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, etc.

Will kitchen facilities be available at the schools?
Unfortunately not. However, three meals will be provided per day, as stated above.

Will special arrangements be made for international bands arriving by air?
Our event team will work with each participating band arriving by air at the Copenhagen airport (CPH-Kastrup) to ensure that all the necessary arrangements and logistics are in place, i.e. equipment transport, airport transfers, etc.

Will there be an event website?
Most definitely!! An official World Championship web hub will be integrated into the new Festival website, which is expected to online shortly after the press release.

Here you will be able to access all World Championship and Festival particulars and updates, while families, friends and fans enjoy the ease of customizing their experience by booking accommodations, all -inclusive packages, even tickets, and much more.

How will even updates and pertinent information be communicated?
Once you are on the mailing list, you will receive consistent updates via e-mail communications - before, during , and after the big event in Copenhagen - to ensure that all expectations are aligned, sealed and delivered :-)

What if we have additional questions?
If you have additional questions, please contact our event team at:

Bands may register by completing the online  
Questions please contact:

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